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MYERS PARK TRINITY LITTLE LEAGUE (MPTLL) is currently seeking team and sign sponsorships for the 2019 fall season and beyond. The spring 2019 season marked the 68th consecutive year our volunteer organization has operated the league and we are excited about that record. A large number of local and national businesses use our sponsorships as an excellent way to gain exposure and support a great youth activity. More than 1,600 Myers Park Trinity Little Leaguers, ages 4-14, will play T-Ball, baseball, and softball on our fields at the corner of Randolph and Billingsley Roads during 2019. Below is a description of the different fall sponsorship opportunities.


Outfield Signs
There are three levels of sign sponsorship, the cost of which is based on the value of the field location. MPTLL’s live streaming capabilities have increased the visibility of outfield signs and can greatly benefit the exposure of promoted sponsors. In 2019 alone, there were over 6,000 online views of games on Keith Field and the league is expanding streaming to other fields in 2020 and beyond.
All signs are 3’ X 5’ aluminum with adhesive lettering (logos, artwork, etc.) and are affixed along the inside of the outfield fences. A multi-field discount of $50 is offered for each additional sign. A one-time sign preparation cost is $250 and signs last about 5 years. Sign sponsorships are year-long agreements and run from January to December. New sign sponsors added in the fall will be prorated for the remainder of the current year and then asked to prepay for the upcoming year.  
  • T-Ball Fields $350/year (MPTLL will absorb ½ the sign cost with a 5-year commitment)
  • Minor League Fields $650/year (MPTLL will absorb ½ the sign cost with a 5-year commitment)
  • Major League Fields $800/year (MPTLL will absorb ½ the sign cost with a 5-year commitment)
Team Sponsorships
Fall also offers team sponsorship opportunities. The fall season begins with early August registration and runs through the last weekend of October. The emphasis during this time is focused on instruction versus competition. MPTLL offers T-Ball plus three baseball leagues based on age. In addition, the softball program provides also has teams based on age groups and they continue to compete against other teams in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Softball League. All team sponsorships for baseball and softball cost $550 per team regardless of league division and sponsor logos are printed on the front of the team jerseys and also displayed on the league website.

Thanks in advance for your interest. Please feel free to email or call one of the leagues sponsorship representatives if you have specific questions or want to discuss other opportunities to fit your business.

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