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2019 marks the 5th year of the MPTLL Booster Club and we were fortunate to have our great support continue to grow.
2019 saw 208 families join the Booster Club with proceeds going to help purchase new live-streaming equipment and additional special projects related.

PLEASE THANK THE 2019 MPTLL Booster Club members listed below for their donations.

Base Hit RBI Home Run Grand Slam
The Abbott Family
Shelley and Michael Abel
Adkisson family
Cassie and Rob Albergotti
Lou Andre
Barrett Family
The Bishop Family
Brien and Ava Blakely
The Brega Family
The Brighton Family
The Brookhart Family
Byron & Jennifer Brown
Collin & Chrissy Brown
The Cane family
Wilber & Jennifer Carraway
Church Family
McLoughlin Family
Nancy Coley
The Cook Family
The Cooper Family
Cort Family
The Cox Family
The Crum Family
Mary Lawrence and John Currie
The Danile Family
The Davis Family
Carolyn & David DeBruhl
Doug and Dana Demick
The Dempsey Family
The Devine Family
The Dombrowski Family
The Efthimiou Family
Kim and Ernest Ellison
The Emery Family
Collin Franceschi
Frazier Family
Greg Haley and Vinny Frey
The Gartlan Family
Kelly & Amanda Garvey
The George Family
The Greenlee Family
Bateson Family
The Hatfield Family
Michelle & Zeke Hendrix
Alex Hoffman
The Hoveland Family
The Hughes Family
Logan & Jenny Johnson
The Johnstons
The Jones Family
Mandy Jordan
The King Family
Stacie & Patrick Knight
Knight Family
Tempie Largen
Rachel and Andy Lee
The Llamas Family
The MacQueen Stengle Family
Masto Family
The Mayhew Family
Kate and David Maynard
The McBride Family
The McCarey Family
Meacham Family
Millard Family
Allison and Bo Moss
The Murphy Family
Kevin & Courtney O'Neil
The Parker Family
The Parsons Family
Mr and Mrs Brian Peede
The Peery Family
Petillo Family
The Phillips Family
The Phillips Family
The Pieri Family
The Pulitzer Family
Recchia Family
The Reid family
The Robinson Family
The Robinson Family
The Sale Family
The Schorr Family
Sisson Family
Katie Smith and Chris Tebbit
The Smith Family
The Speckman Family
The Spratley Family
Mitch & Kelly Sprengelmeyer
The Springer Family
The Stewart Family
The Stigliano Family
The Stiles Family
The Thompson Family
Trey and Catherine Walters
Zimmerman Family
The Angelichio Family
Julian & Nora Arronte
Ayres Family
Bradway family
Brislin Family
Brosseau Family
The Buff Family
The Wilson Family
Holly and Michael Christian
The Adam and Lauren Crosslin Family
The Crutcher Family
The Dabbs Family
Jacob and Becky Darling
The Efird Family
Randy and Lee Ann Efird
The Elkins Family
Faherty Family
John and Stacie Fulton
The Gratch Family
The Greenlee Family
The Griffin Family
The Haines Family
Heaton Family
Hintz Family 
The Honeycutt Family
Marquis and Kim Hopkins
Ben & Sherry Horn Family
Jake & Betsy House
The Hunt Family
The Hurrell Family
The Wolter Family
The Illman and Morinello Family
Kendall and Carroll Jones
The Jordak Family
The Kirk Family
The Linch Family
The Lochman Family
Mac McCullough
Katie & Dunn Mileham
The Mott Family
Michael Nuckles
The Palermo Family
The Paone Family
The Parrott Family
The Pfeifer Family
The Poore Family
Theckla and Beale Pope
Brad & Angie Reavis
The Rechkemmer Family
Mike and Megan Roane
Bryan - Renata and Jackson Rushing
The Schuth Family
The South Family
Rob and Maddie Speir
The Stubbs Family
The Sullivan Family
The Thomas Family
Brett and Cameron Weber
Marty and Heather White
Williams Family
Lisa and Jason Wilson
The Woodard Family
The Yinglings
Barnett Family
The Boone Family
Bowen Family
Laura and Sam Bowles
Boyd Correll & family
The Gamble Family
Justin Harrison Family
The Helms Family
Charlie, Leslie, Parker & Henry Jones
The King Family
The Moore Family
The Norris Family
Hudson & Chase Poindexter
Greg & Shannon Roderick
The Schumacher Family
Shoener Family
The Siegel Family
The Summerville Family
Travis and Lisa Anderson
The Beard Family
Rex & Tammy Brietz
The Coggins Family
The Conklin Family
Carolyn and Josh Durham
The Foltz Family
The Gaylord Family
Susan Harker
The Hartzog Family
Stefhanie and Trip Howe
The Kornegay Family
The Krasnigor Family
Rich & Tasse Little
The Loeffler Family
The Lowe Family
Mendoza Family
The Milazzo Family
Norris Family
The O'Donnell Family
Nicole and Fred Parker
Ben and Jeanette Proffitt
The Schonberg Family
Sidbury Family
The Smith Family
Adam and Sienne Taylor
Michelle & Drew Vigor
Maggie and TJ Wagner
Ward Family
The Ziemer Family