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Question:  What happens after tryouts (spring season)?
Answer:  After tryouts, players are drafted by coaches to competitively balance teams.  There are no television cameras and no bright lights and ESPN won’t be reporting live, and it won’t be scrutinized by professional analysts.  However, MPTLL's draft is one of the most important events in the Little League experience.  The entire goal of the league drafts is to ensure children have the best on-field experience possible based on their current skill level and age. Once drafts are complete coaches make contact as quickly as possible.  Click here to learn more about the draft process.
Question:  How are players placed on teams?
Answer:  SPRING:  For T-Ball, players are randomly placed on teams while attempting to honor as many special requests (for teammates or coaches) as possible. All players above T-Ball must attend a tryout/skills evaluation prior to the season.  At tryouts, players are evaluated on basic skills such as running, throwing, catching, fielding, hitting, and pitching to earn an overall skills assessment score.  Teams are formed through a draft process and player evaluations are used to balance teams.  Special requests are reviewed, but cannot always be honored.
FALL:  During the fall MPTLL uses player evaluations from previous seasons to make the teams as equitable as possible.  There are no tryouts for the fall season and parents can expect to hear from their coach the first week of September.