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Question: It rained, is raining, or will rain. How do I know if the fields are open for games and practices?
Answer: The main method of announcing that the fields are closed via text and email to impacted parents and coaches. Coaches are asked to follow up with parents to make sure they receive the league communication.  Coaches may decide to get together for a chalk session, or maybe try to go indoors, or in some cases to use the batting cages at the fields. In addition we will announce updates on each team page, on FaceBook, Twitter, and our mobile app. To make sure you receive email and text alerts parents should login to the league website and subscribe via their account profile.  Please understand, we try to balance waiting as long as possible to give us the best chance of playing or practicing versus providing ample time for the word to get out if we do close the fields. In general, this call is made each day between 3pm – 4pm.
Note that if the league closes the fields, it means that the fields are completely closed. No team is allowed on the fields. Teams scheduled for the fields that are playable keep their game/practice slot. It is the luck of the draw.