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Question:  Do all games have umpires?
Answer:  One of the primary goals of Little League is to teach players sportsmanship.  In T-Ball, coaches act as umpires in the interest of teaching the players the basic rules.  For coach pitch and machine pitch, one umpire is provided for each game.  For minor league and major league gmes, two umpires are provided.  All coaches, parents, and players are expected to show good sportsmanship and interact positively and respectfully with umpires. 
Question:  What are the rules for Myers Park Trinity Little League?
The Little League rule book governs all play, except for local rule modifications as outlined in our division rules.  The purpose of these rules is to establish regulations by which all participants can have a structured, enjoyable experience with baseball. This includes rules that assist with equitable playing time and ultimately increasing the skill level of all players.  In addition to Little League rules, Myers Park Trinity Little League has adopted local rules.  Parents may find a copy of those rules by clicking this link.