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Question: When do games start? When is the season over?
Answer: Opening Day, is typically the last Saturday in March. Closing ceremonies are typically held the first Saturday in June. Softball ends their season in mid-May. T-Ball ends their season prior to Memorial Day weekend in May.  Baseball (Coach Pitch, American League, National League and Major League) close their regular season typically on the first Saturday in June. Junior Little League baseball completes their regular season at the end of June. Consult the league calendar on the website for exacts dates for this season.
Question: What days are games played? What time are games played during the week and on weekends?
Answer: Generally, games are played Monday – Thursday evenings and on Saturday. That said, weather cancellations and/or capacity-related constraints may require that games be played on Friday nights or during the day on Sunday. Week night games are played at 5:30pm or 7:30pm, except for our Tball and Coach Pitch Divisions where games are typically only played at 5:30pm during the week. Games are played continuously throughout the day on Saturday.
Question: When do practices start?
Answer: Baseball (American League, National League and Major League) practices usually start the first weekend in March. Coach Pitch and T-Ball usually start a week later.  Junior Little League baseball starts mid-April. It is important to note that American League, National League, and Major League teams will routinely have practices starting at 7pm or 7:30pm during the week. 
Question:  How many games and practices are there per week?
Answer:  In general there are 2 games per week.  In terms of practices, teams practice 1 to 3 times per week depending on the age group and the time of year.  Teams will practice more during the preseason and then reduce the practice schedule once games start.  MPTLL tries to follow these total events per week for each league:
  • Major league & National League:  Expect 4 total events each week (practices & games)
  • American League (machine-pitch) and Coach Pitch:  Expect 3 total events each week (games & practices)
  • T-Ball:  Expect 2 total events each week (games & practices)
Question: What should I do if I haven’t heard from a coach and I saw teams practicing at the fields on Randolph Road?
Answer: Most of our leagues start practice around the same time; however, it is not the same day. It is possible the delay is a result of how teams are formed following tryouts. Team drafts are held each night during the week following tryouts, which is usually the last week of February. Once teams are formed, coaches begin contacting parents (typically via email). Coaches are instructed to contact parents as soon as possible to introduce themselves and to announce the date of their 1st practice. Please remember our coaches are volunteers and some travel for business. As a result, there may be a couple of days’ difference between when one coach contacts their parents versus when another coach makes contact with his parents. If you haven’t heard from a coach, and it has been 10 days since tryouts, please use this link to let us know you have not heard from a coach.