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Question: What are All Stars? How are teams formed? Who coaches? When do All Star teams play?
Answer: Little League International has a long history of post season tournament play where All Star teams from each local league play each other in District tournaments. District winners advance to a State tournament. State winners advance to Regionals, and for the 12 year old players, Regional winners advance to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA. ESPN/ABC have gotten involved and the telecast is a big deal. Teams are created by a nomination and voting process from the league’s coaches. A Head Coach is selected by the League President with input from League Coordinators and the League’s Executive Committee. The Head Coach assembles his/her assistants. All Stars start immediately following the end of the regular season. Consult the league calendar on the website for exact dates. 
Question:  How do I make sure my child is considered for an all-star team?
Answer:  Each year Myers Park Trinity Little League sends tournament teams to play Little League tournaments for players ages 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.  Parents of interested and available players in these age groups are asked to respond during the all-star availability and interest registration period (typically the third week of April through the end of the regular season).  Simply registering your players interest and availability does not guarantee your child will be placed on a post season team.  Typically, only 12-14 kids in each age group are selected.   Tournament teams are selected by the Major League head coaches (for ages 10-12) and Minor League coaches (for 8 and 9 year olds). Those selections will be made after the regular season ends. Participation on post season / all star teams requires a substantial time commitment and additional fees.  The expectation is that players give priority to team activities during the relevant periods which may result in players having to skip or miss overnight camps.  The following serves as a general guide for what to expect (these are not confirmed or definite dates):
  • 8 year olds:  Practice begins the Monday following closing ceremonies.  Practice most days through 6/11. Tournament of Champions 6/12-6/18.  Potential participation in the LL District 3 Tournament in late June will be determined by the league and coaches at a later date.
  • 9, 10, 11 & 12 year olds:  Practice begins the Monday following closing ceremonies.  Practice most days through 6/11. Tournament of Champions 6/12-6/18. Practice most days 6/21-6/25. LL District 3 Tournament 6/26 through the earlier of the team’s second loss or approximately 7/2.
A few important notes: 
  • 10 or 11 year olds: If either of these teams win their District 3 tournament, the team(s) would continue practices most days in early July and advance to the NC State Little League Tournament for their respective age.  The NC State LL Tournament is held in early to mid July at a rotating site to be determined.  If the 10 or 11 year olds were to win the NC State LL tournament, they would continue practices most days in mid July and advance to the Tournament of State Champions in late July or early August in Greenville, NC at Elm Street Park.  
  • 12 year olds:   Same as the above, except state champions advance to the Southeast Regional tournament in Warner-Robbins, GA.
DISCLAIMER:  The dates listed above are not confirmed dates but provided to help parents understand the time commitment required.  
Question:  Are there additional costs or fees to play all-stars?
Answer:  Yes, MPTLL collects an additional participation fees to cover the costs of uniforms and tournament entry fees. The fee is typically around $125 for participation on the 8-12-year-old teams.  However, for any family for whom this additional fee is a hardship, MPTLL will use its league scholarship funds to cover this cost, in the same way that it covers the fee for participation in regular league play.