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2016 marks the 2nd year of the MPTLL Booster Club and we were fortunate to experience significant growth.  In 2016 there were more than 200 families that participated in the Booster Club with proceeds going to help build a new field in between Founders Field and New Field.  In addition the funds we collected helped to pay for the retaining wall behind the dugout on the on the first base side of the field. 

PLEASE THANK THE 2016 MPTLL Booster Club members listed below for their donations. 

Base Hit Supporters RBI Supporters Home Run Supporters Grand Slam Supporters
The Ackerman Family
The Dempsey Family
The Knowles Family
The Shallal Family
The Barlow Family
The Barksdale Family
The Anderson Family
The Allen Family
David & Dara Docusen
The Lang Family
The Shastene Family
The Blythe Family
The Barnett Family
The Bundon Family
The Anderson Family
The Efird Family
The Leslie Family
Rich Shoener
The Bonack Family
The Beard Family
The Caplan Family
The Angelichio Family
The Eismont Family
Jeff & Beth Livingston
The Shull Family
Chris & Elizabeth Bowman
The Birtel Family
The Conklin Family
Hank & Carolina Atkinson
Patrick Eismont
The Lofton Family
Kiz & Walker Simmons
The Bradway Family
The Carlson Family
The Gambrell Family
Eric Beiring
The Elliott Family
Dean C. Lovett
The Sisson Family
The Bumgarner Family
The Dawson Family
The Hart Family
The Bender Family
The Evitts Family
The MacQueen-Stengle Family
The Small Family
The Burgess Family
The Filliben Family
The Hoffman Family
Kathy & Brian Boone
Gardner Faherty
The Andrew Martin Family
Katie Smith
The Cicoletti Family
The Gamble Family
The Loeffler Family
The Boyle Family
The Federico Family
Mindy L. McBrayer
Tom, Cheryl, & Hadley Smith
The Craige Family
John Green
The McCollum Family
The Bradle Family
Kris & Mary Hahn Fetter
The McCoy Family
Martha Delle & Scott Smith
The George Fisher Family
The Heaton Family
The McGrath Family
They Bryant Family
The Foltz Family
Bryan & Robin Mermans
Darryl & Julie Smith
The Fochtmann Family
The Henry Family
Tony McNay
The Buff Family
John & Stacie Fulton
Matt & Melissa Miller
The Stead Family
Krissa & Glenn Gaston
The Charles Jones Family
The Mendoza Family
The Buffingtons
The Gaither Family
The Monk Family
The Sullivan Family
Tom & Sherrard Anne Gates
Melissa & Bill Lovett
Brady Milazzo
Elizabeth & Charles Carson
Keith & Michele Gamble
Allison & Bo Moss
The Summerville Family
The Haines Family
The Lowe Family
The O'Donnell Family
Eddie Cassels
The Gatewood Family
The Newell Family
Bo & Scottie Thompson
John & Lisa Hairr
The Norris Family
Nicole & Fred Parker
Kelly Catanese
The George Family
Marshall Nicholson
The Toms Family
Kevin Hall Family
Hudson & Chase Poindexter
The Powers Family
The Cheek Family
Scott & Linda Goss
Gray & Trudi Norris
The Tyson Family
Mike & Heidi Hosmer
Niki Simmons & Ralf Atzor
Norm & Stacey Randall
Bobby & Mary Catherine Chesney
Jason & Caroline Griffin
The Obringer Family
The Wasson Family
Kendall & Carroll Jones
Anna Smith
The Rechkemmer Family
Michael & Holly Christian
The Hartman/Gud Family
Hunter & Lisa Parsons
Art & Christy Watson
The McCullough Family
Scott & Missy Thompson
Delyse & Paul Reichert
The Clark Family
The Hartzog Family
Britta Patterson
Cameron & Brett Weber
The McGrath Family
Maggie & TJ Wagner
Greg & Shannon Roderick
Colleen Cook
Hiltz Family
The Peery Family
The Welch Family
Dunn Mileham
Wendy & Jason Schmidly
The Cooper Family
Hodges Family
Perry Placement, Inc.
Marty & Heather White
The Pfeifer Family
The Schonberg Family
The Cort Family
ColsenKeane Leather
Lisa & Jeff Peterson
Mary Whittaker
The Steve Randall Family
The Shaw Family
The Crowther Family
Ali Hogston
The Pfeifer Family
The Wilfong Family
Mary Howard & Alan Shaw
The Shirey Family
Lalla Dabbs
Jim & Susan Holloway
The Polite Family
The WilliamsFamily
The Shuta Family
The Stiff Family
Jacob & Beck Darling
The Honeycutt Family
Norm & Stacey Randall
Adam & Leta Withers
The Siegel Family
The Vigor Family
The Darwin Family
The House Family
The Renaldo Family
The Woodard Family
Chistopher & Amy Smith Family
The Ward Family
The Dauska Family
The Irwin Family
T. Allen Robinson
The Yinglings
The Stuart Family
The Winbourne Family
Heather & Tripp Davis
Brian F. Kennelly
Ryan Family
The Sumner Family
Sally & Ward Davis & Family
The Kiger Family
The Saxton Family
Scott & Missy Thompson
The Deerkoski Family
The King Family
The Wagner Family
The Walker Family
Cameron & Brett Weber
The Woodard Family
Alanna & Richard Worrell