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MPTLL is fortunate to have amazing team sponsors that contribute each season to our MPTLL Family. However, sponsorship dollars alone don't pay for our beautiful facilities. 

Therefore PLEASE THANK THE 2015 MPTLL Booster Club members for their donations. 

Base Hit Supporters RBI Supporters Home Run Supporters Grand Slam Supporters
Jason Adkins The Anderson Family The Barnett Family The Bolin/Stempien Family
Karen Delozier The Beard Family The George Dewey Family Tammy & Rex Brietz
The Ennis Family The Bishop Family The Filliben Family The Caplan Family
Kris Fetter The Blythe Family Jim Fleischli The Conklin Family
Elizabeth Hartzog The Bradwag Family The Jones Family The Ferguson Family
Zeke Hendrix Elizabeth & Charles Carson Doug McKewon The Flippin Family
Ali Hogston The Correll Family Amy & Jason Powers The Gambrell Family
Kristin Lawson Ward & Sally Davis The Rempson Family The Heaton Family
The McBrayer Family The Ellis/Mendinghall Family The Rubins Family The Hoffman Family
The Palermo Family Krissa & Glenn Gaston The Tivnan Family Trish & John Hosmer
The Proicou Family The Himes Family Steven Vaughn The Hullinger Family
The Pusha-Jones Family The Michael Hosmer Family Melissa & Bill Lovett The Jones Family
The Stiff Family Jake & Betsy House Rich Little
The White Family The Martin Family The Lowe Family
  Helen Redwine & Owen Snyder Eva & Travis McCollum
Mary Howard Shaw The Mendoza Family
The Stuart Family Nicole & Fred Parker
Drew Vigor The Polite Family
The Wilcox Family The Proffitt Family
Missy & Scott Thompson Delyse & Paul Reichert
John Hart Shannon & Greg Roderick
Wendy & Jason Schmidly
Virginia & Harry Shaw
Sam Shirey
Merri & Aidan White
The O'Donnell Family