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There are no television cameras and bright lights. ESPN won’t be reporting live, and it won’t be scrutinized by professional analysts, but MPTLL's draft is one of the most important events in the Little League® experience.

Just like when professional athletes go through their draft, MPTLL's version will determine what team your children will play on, what new friends they’ll have an opportunity to meet and who will be sitting in the stands with you, cheering the team on.

Soon after tryouts, the managers/coaches of each division will come together to place players on teams. The draft order is randomly chosen prior to the draft for the American, National, and Softball leagues.  The Majors division draft order is the reverse order of standings from the previous year.  Therefore 8th place drafts first and 1st place drafts 8th.  If you are curious as to how MPTLL runs our drafts, then please ask any of the league officials for information.

The entire goal of the draft is to ensure your children will have the best on-field experience possible based on their current skill level and age. Age ranges for Little League Baseball® and Softball divisions overlap, which allows players who need a little more time to develop to play down in a division, or play up in a division if they are ready to advance, and if approved by MPTLL. You can learn more about the divisions of Little League here.

Parents with multiple children playing in the same division can have them play on the same team, just be sure to let the league know of the request more than 48 hours before the draft. Also, if you or your spouse are the manager/coach of the team, you have the option to automatically draft your own children.

Remember, the best source of information about the draft is to ask one of MPTLL's league officials.  There might not be any speeches from the podium, or a ceremonial presentation of a jersey, but once you have a team, then the real fun of the Little League season can begin.